Welcome to Hawthorne’s Bright Future Health Center


Health Literacy-

Promotes physical activity, proper nutrition,
good mental health and proper dental health habits,
as well as, prevention of diseases through appropriate immunizations
with children, families, and the Hawthorne learning community.

School Nursing Services-
Provides daily assessment of children’s health care problems,
gives physician-prescribed treatments and medications, and
offers health information and referrals.

School-based Health Services-
Primary and preventive health care services through Falls Community Health Center– Hawthorne site ensure access to health services which
facilitate learning and improve school attendance.

Parents must give consent for these services.

Guide to a Happy & Healthy School Year
This is what we inculcate in our students throughout the year

1. Eat breakfast every morning.

2. Get 8—10 hours of

sleep every night.

3. Read every day for at
least 10 minutes.

4. Play & exercise every
day for at least 20

5. Eat 5 servings of fruits
& vegetables every day.

6. Drink water regularly
every day.

7. Brush your teeth
every morning & before

8. Give someone else a

smile or kind word
every day.

9. Set a goal for doing
something better
than you did before.

10. Never quit trying to
get better at 1- 9.


Brenda Hill
Assistant Principal/Bright Futures Health Literacy Coordinator
Hawthorne Elementary
601 N. Spring Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104