In the fall of 2004, a creative inspiration stirred in the minds of children at Hawthorne Elementary School. That idea has since developed into a permanent piece of artwork that graces the wall along East River Road and expresses the children’s dreams and visions of peace within their own community. The first section of the mosaic was installed in the spring of 2006. This idea of celebrating peace and diversity became contagious and spilled over into the art rooms of Sioux Falls middle schools—Phase 2 of the CommUnity Youth Mosaic was installed and celebrated in the fall of 2007.

As the excitement of the project rolled through town, our high school students became inspired to create their own contributions to this great work. And now, we are amazed and very proud to announce that the third and final phase of the CommUnity Youth Mosaic is finally complete!

With everyone's help, we have been able to leave a lasting impression on our community showing not only the talent of our youth but expressing the diverse and unified relationships amongst them. Much time and effort has been put forth in making the children’s dream come true. The Sioux Falls School District, the Mayor and city offices, the arts community and local businesses have all united in this effort.

We are so grateful for this incredible opportunity to join with our community in support and celebration of art, children and diversity!"

Watch this video to hear Lisa Brunick speak about her project.

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