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Read Across America Day – Primary Ideas

1) Review short-vowels using Dr. Seuss Rhymes at this website
2) Use the SMART Notebook lesson that was also attached to enrich the following books:
a. Green Eggs and Ham (matching game)
b. Hop on Pop (positional words)
c. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (venn diagram sorting)

You may want to have copies of the following books:

· The Cat in the Hat
· Horton Hears a Who
· How the Grinch Stole Christmas
· Green Eggs and Ham
· Hop on Pop
· Dr. Seuss’s ABC

3) Read about Dr.Seuss on Have students identify Fantastic Facts from this article. You can have them highlight them on the SMART Board as you read. Second grade teachers may want to consider modeling this for their students and then having them work in groups to come up with 5 fantastic facts about Dr. Seuss.

4) There are many ideas for 15 of his books at





Read Across America Day – Intermediate Ideas

1) Visit . Read about Dr. Seuss. Use the highlighter to identify the important events in his life. Create a timeline together using the interactive time line in the SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Tool Kit 1.0.

2) Visit Read about the National Memorial. Locate Springfield, MO on the map. Discuss the reasons certain characters were selected for the sculptures.

3) Visit Beyond the Cat. Read the summaries of some of Dr. Seuss’ books. After you read the summaries read the reason that Dr. Seuss wrote the book. Read the “ Real Deal” section to make comparisons to things in history. You may want to use a Venn Diagram that can be found in the SMART Notebook Lesson activity Took Kit 1.0 to organize your thoughts for each book.
**It may be helpful to have a copy of the following books as they are the ones that are discussed on this website:

· The Sneetches
· The Lorax
· Yertle the Turtle
· The ButterBattle Book
4) Dr. Seuss Math problems

5) There are many ideas for 15 of his books at